Village Ways, Kumaon, Indian Himalaya & Majuli Island, Brahmaputra River, Assam, India.
Geographical Magazine,
July 2007 & December 2006

Ethopia - Christian Lalibela

"Legends link bees to the creation of Ethiopia's greatest sight. The rock-hewn churches of Lalibela lie in the remote Lasta Mountains where electricity, an all-weather road and airfield are barely a decade old".

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"From a Wind Bridge to a Drum Tower" - Minority People
in Southern China
Geographical, June 2003

Libya - Rock Art in the Sahara (Fezzan)

"Long after the others have turned in, I grab my torch and shuffle across the cool rippled sand tinged by a gibbous moon and pin-holed sky. Then the deep menacing shadow of huge cliffs swallows mine. My beam flickers and I make towards a flat sloping rock. "

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Mountain People "Children of a Lesser God" - the Kailash People of
Chitral, North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan
Geographical, January 2002

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Mali Festival in the Desert

"The notion of a ‘Tuareg Glastonbury�might seem far-fetched but each January since 2001, the desert near Timbuktu has hosted a similar kind of gathering. Mali’s Festival in the Desert is a celebration of Tuareg culture and largely Sahelian music that would have been unthinkable ten or fifteen years ago. "

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"Chinese Whispers" - Kashgar, Xinjiang, China
Geographical, May 1999

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Indian Himalaya's

'Little Tibet' - Ladakh & Spiti
"Bolt-holes of the Berbers" - Fortress Granaries,
southern Morocco
Geographical, September 1998

Architecture and Form
"In Search of Shangri-la" - Lijiang & around, Yunnan
Province, China
Food & Travel, May/June 2003

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Northern Pakistan - Chitral, Hunza & Baltistan.

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Miscellaneous Spreads

Yunnan Province, China

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